Guides for Oxygen Not Included

Below we share a list of guides developed in conjunction with our users. Want your guide published on Oni-Assistant? See below.

Publishing on Oni Assistant

Oni Assistant offers the ability for contributers to write guides and have them published on Oni Assistant. If you're interested in authoring a guide on Oni Assistant. Please send a private message to /u/OniAssistant on reddit.

Oni Assistant articles:

  • are written in simple kramdown markup. To see example raw articles as they were written in kramdown just add ".rawmd" to the end of the article url.
  • are automatically published in full html and as Google amp articles, increasing the readership of your guide. To view the amp article just add ".amp" onto the end of the article url.
  • can link directly to the Oni Assistant database using simple inline kramdown links like [Water] -> Water.
  • are curated to be the most information dense and helpful a possible.
  • can be defined with an optional table of contents as has been done in the starter guide above. Just markup the first item in the list with {#toc1} and Oni Assistant's workflows will generate the floating table of contents.

We are still in the process of streamlining the contribution workflow but eager writers can start now. More to come.

If you like using Oni Assistant and want to give back, the best way is to link it on your forums and socials.