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Geysers, vents and volcanoes are an infinite but intermittent source of specific elements. The intermittent nature comes because they have an activity cycle, and during the active period of this cycle, they are then cycling between eruptions and dormancy in line with the eruption cycle. This tools aims to remove some of the complexity of planning for geyser usage by displaying the average output during the eruption and activity cycles. Foll this link for a full list of all geysers, vents and volcanoes. As seen on Brothgar.

Players should be aware that geysers don't just output an element, but energy as well, in the form of heat. The output temperature of your chosen geyser is shown, you may select a target temperature that you want to cool/heat the output too. The output will automatically update to show the resulting element (e.g. steam geyser cools to water at 97.35C) and the average cooling required to achieve this.

The cooling requirement is shown in both total DTU/s and the expected number of wheezewort required to acheive this cooling, assuming they are saturated in hydrogen.

Note there is no need to delete heat at the same peak rate that is is erupting, with a large enough heat sink, one could remove heat at the comparatively lower rates required over the eruption or even activity cycle.

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