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normal bottomless stomach

Colony requirements (per cycle)



How to

  1. Input the number of normal dupes in your colony (without bottomless stomach).
  2. Input the number of dupes with bottomless stomach trait.
  3. Select which of the foods you wish to feed your colony with.
  4. Check the "Dupe-harvest" box if dupes harvest plants. Unchecked lets the plants drop the harvest themselves 4 cycles after ripening.
  5. Check the "Wild" box if plants are wild (not in farm tiles or planter boxes). Wild plants take 4 times longer to ripen but consume no resources.
  6. Check the "Fertilizer" box if plants are fertilized by micro-nutrient fertilizer. Fertilized plants riped 2 times faster but consume 5kg of fertilizer per cycle.


The tool assumes no downtime between actions. E.g. plants are immediately harvested and fertilized (if those options are selected). As this is likely not the case in real play, you may wish to budget an extra dupe or two for a buffer.

Generally players may wish to (early on) consider preserving wild food sources since wild plants do not require the inputs of their farmed variety, preserving materials.

If pursuing full automation and turning off dupe harvesting, players should be aware that during the extra 4 cycles, plants will continue to consume resources if fed with them. Additionally, the 4 cycle timer to drop the harvest after ripening appears not to save and will be reset upon load.

If you select a meat source the output of the tool indicates how many of the chosen critter must be harvested per cycle to produce the meat. For planning an appropriate ranch please refer to the Ranch Calculator. Clicking on the recomended critter output in this tool will link through to the ranching tool with the recomended critter and harvest requirement already entered into the Ranch Calculator.

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