Know how much food you need for your colony using the Oni Food Calculator.

Base Properties

1600 kcal
Spoil Time:
4800 s


Shove Vole 10
Delecta Vole 5
Gassy Moo 10
Slickster 2
Longhair Slickster 2
Molten Slickster 2
Puft Prince 1
Squeaky Puft 1
Puft 1
Dense Puft 1
Pip 1
Cuddle Pip 1
Sweetle 1
Grubgrub 3
Drecko 2
Glossy Drecko 2
Hatch 2
Stone Hatch 2
Smooth Hatch 2
Sage Hatch 2
Plug Slug 2

Diet for

Meat -0.73g/s
Coal -0.55g/s
Meat -0.73g/s
Sage Hatch
Coal -0.73g/s
Meat -1.67g/s
Abyss Bug

Consumed in recipies

Meat 2kg
Electric Grill
Barbeque 1kg


Uncooked meat from a very dead critter. Yum!

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