Below is a table of all plants in Oxygen Not Included. Click headers to sort the table and click images to see further details.

Name Decor Life Cycle Seed Crop
Sporechid Sporechid 80 0 Sporechid seed
Gas Grass Gas Grass 25 4 Gas Grass seed Gas Grass
Mirth Leaf Mirth Leaf 25 0 Mirth Leaf seed
Bluff Briar Bluff Briar 25 0 Bluff Briar seed
Jumping Joya Jumping Joya 25 0 Jumping Joya seed
Dusk Cap Dusk Cap 15 7.5 Dusk Cap seed Mushroom
Bristle Blossom Bristle Blossom 15 6 Bristle Blossom seed Bristle Berry
Balm Lily Balm Lily 15 12 Balm Lily seed Balm Lily Flower
Pincha Pepperplant Pincha Pepperplant 15 8 Pincha Pepperplant seed Pincha Peppernut
Sleet Wheat Sleet Wheat 15 18 Sleet Wheat Grain Sleet Wheat Grain
Hexalent Hexalent 15 0 Hexalent Fruit
Buried Muckroot Buried Muckroot 15 0 Muckroot
Nosh Sprout Nosh Sprout 15 21 Nosh Bean Nosh Bean
Arbor Tree Arbor Tree 15 4.5 Arbor Tree seed Lumber
Buddy Bud Buddy Bud 15 0 Buddy Bud seed
Wheezewort Wheezewort 15 0 Wheezewort seed
Waterweed Waterweed 10 12 Waterweed seed Lettuce
Thimble Reed Thimble Reed 10 2 Thimble Reed seed Reed Fiber
Dasha Saltvine Dasha Saltvine -10 6 Dasha Saltvine seed Salt
Mealwood Mealwood -10 3 Mealwood seed Meal Lice
Oxyfern Oxyfern -10 0 Oxyfern seed

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