Below is a table of all plants in Oxygen Not Included. Click headers to sort the table and click images to see further details.

Name Decor Life Cycle Seed Crop
Sporechid Sporechid 80 0 Sporechid seed
Experiment 52B Experiment 52B 35 0
Gas Grass Gas Grass 25 4 Gas Grass seed Gas Grass
Mirth Leaf Mirth Leaf 25 0 Mirth Leaf seed
Bluff Briar Bluff Briar 25 0 Bluff Briar seed
Jumping Joya Jumping Joya 25 0 Jumping Joya seed
Tranquil Toes Tranquil Toes 25 0 Tranquil Toes seed
Mellow Mallow Mellow Mallow 25 0 Mellow Mallow seed
Bliss Burst Bliss Burst 25 0 Bliss Burst seed
Dusk Cap Dusk Cap 15 7.5 Dusk Cap seed Mushroom
Bristle Blossom Bristle Blossom 15 6 Bristle Blossom seed Bristle Berry
Pincha Pepperplant Pincha Pepperplant 15 8 Pincha Pepperplant seed Pincha Peppernut
Balm Lily Balm Lily 15 12 Balm Lily seed Balm Lily Flower
Hexalent Hexalent 15 0 Hexalent Fruit
Buried Muckroot Buried Muckroot 15 0 Muckroot
Nosh Sprout Nosh Sprout 15 21 Nosh Bean Nosh Bean
Sleet Wheat Sleet Wheat 15 18 Sleet Wheat Grain Sleet Wheat Grain
Arbor Tree Arbor Tree 15 4.5 Arbor Tree seed Lumber
Buddy Bud Buddy Bud 15 0 Buddy Bud seed
Wheezewort Wheezewort 15 0 Wheezewort seed
Grubfruit Plant Grubfruit Plant 15 8 Spindly Grubfruit Plant seed Grubfruit
Swamp Chard Swamp Chard 15 0 Swamp Chard Heart
Saturn Critter Trap Saturn Critter Trap 15 30 Saturn Critter Trap seed Plant Meat
Waterweed Waterweed 10 12 Waterweed seed Lettuce
Thimble Reed Thimble Reed 10 2 Thimble Reed seed Reed Fiber
Spindly Grubfruit Plant Spindly Grubfruit Plant -5 4 Spindly Grubfruit Plant seed Spindly Grubfruit
Dasha Saltvine Dasha Saltvine -10 6 Dasha Saltvine seed Salt
Mealwood Mealwood -10 3 Mealwood seed Meal Lice
Oxyfern Oxyfern -10 0 Oxyfern seed
Bog Bucket Bog Bucket -10 6.6 Bog Bucket seed Bog Jelly
Hydrocactus Hydrocactus -10 10 Hydrocactus seed Water

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