Below is a table of all plants in Oxygen Not Included. Click headers to sort the table and click images to see further details.

Alpha Point Alpha Point
Atmo Suit Atmo Suit
Balm Lily Flower Balm Lily Flower
Beta Point Beta Point
Cool Vest Cool Vest
Data Bank Data Bank
Duplicant Duplicant
Egg Shell Egg Shell
Gamma Point Gamma Point
Gas Grass Gas Grass
Jet Suit Jet Suit
Lumber Lumber
Pokeshell Molt Pokeshell Molt
Pokeshell Molt Pokeshell Molt
Reed Fiber Reed Fiber
Rot Pile Rot Pile
Snazzy Suit Snazzy Suit
Table Salt Table Salt
Vacillator Recharge Vacillator Recharge
Warm Sweater Warm Sweater

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