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Base Properties

2000 kcal
Spoil Time:
4800 s

Diet for

Gristle Berry -1.67g/s
Coral Bug
Gristle Berry -1.67g/s
Royal Bug
Gristle Berry -0.42g/s
Sun Bug
Gristle Berry -0.58g/s
Coal -0.44g/s
Gristle Berry -0.58g/s
Sage Hatch
Coal -0.58g/s
Gristle Berry -0.28g/s
Shine Bug

Consumed in recipies

Gristle Berry 2kg
Pincha Peppernut 2kg
Gas Range
Stuffed Berry 1kg
Sleet Wheat Grain 3kg
Grubfruit 4kg
Gristle Berry 1kg
Gas Range
Mixed Berry Pie 1kg

Produced in recipies

Bristle Berry 1kg
Electric Grill
Gristle Berry 1kg


The grilled bud of a Bristle Berry. Heat unlocked an exquisite taste in the fruit, though the burnt spines leave something to be desired.

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