Below is a table of all eggs in Oxygen Not Included. Click headers to sort the table and click items to see further details.

Name Incubation cycles Sources
Royal Nymph Egg Royal Nymph Egg 5 Coral Bug33.0% Royal Bug66.0% Sun Bug2.0%
Shove Vole Egg Shove Vole Egg 20 Shove Vole98.0% Delecta Vole32.0%
Delecta Vole Egg Delecta Vole Egg 20 Shove Vole2.0% Delecta Vole65.0%
Larva Egg Larva Egg 20 Slickster98.0% Longhair Slickster33.0% Molten Slickster33.0%
Longhair Larva Egg Longhair Larva Egg 30 Slickster2.0% Longhair Slickster66.0% Molten Slickster2.0%
Molten Larva Egg Molten Larva Egg 20 Slickster2.0% Longhair Slickster2.0% Molten Slickster66.0%
Puftlet Prince Egg Puftlet Prince Egg 15 Puft Prince2.0% Squeaky Puft2.0% Puft2.0% Dense Puft2.0%
Squeaky Puftlet Egg Squeaky Puftlet Egg 15 Squeaky Puft67.0% Puft2.0%
Puftlet Egg Puftlet Egg 15 Puft Prince98.0% Squeaky Puft31.0% Puft98.0% Dense Puft31.0%
Dense Puftlet Egg Dense Puftlet Egg 15 Puft2.0% Dense Puft67.0%
Pip Egg Pip Egg 20 Pip98.0% Cuddle Pip35.0%
Cuddle Pip Egg Cuddle Pip Egg 20 Pip2.0% Cuddle Pip65.0%
Coral Nymph Egg Coral Nymph Egg 5 Coral Bug66.0% Royal Bug2.0% Azure Bug33.0%
Drecklet Egg Drecklet Egg 30 Drecko98.0% Glossy Drecko35.0%
Glossy Drecklet Egg Glossy Drecklet Egg 30 Drecko2.0% Glossy Drecko65.0%
Abyss Nymph Egg Abyss Nymph Egg 15 Abyss Bug66.0% Azure Bug2.0%
Azure Nymph Egg Azure Nymph Egg 5 Coral Bug2.0% Abyss Bug33.0% Azure Bug66.0%
Shine Nymph Egg Shine Nymph Egg 5 Sun Bug33.0% Radiant Bug2.0% Shine Bug98.0%
Radiant Nymph Egg Radiant Nymph Egg 15 Radiant Bug98.0% Abyss Bug2.0%
Sun Nymph Egg Sun Nymph Egg 5 Royal Bug33.0% Sun Bug66.0% Shine Bug2.0%
Slug Egg Slug Egg 20 Plug Slug100%
Pinch Roe Pinch Roe 20 Pokeshell97.0% Sanishell32.0% Oakshelll32.0%
Sani Pinch Roe Sani Pinch Roe 20 Pokeshell1.0% Sanishell65.0% Oakshelll2.0%
Stone Hatchling Egg Stone Hatchling Egg 20 Hatch2.0% Stone Hatch65.0% Smooth Hatch22.0%
Sweetle Egg Sweetle Egg 15 Sweetle98.0% Grubgrub33.0%
Grubgrub Egg Grubgrub Egg 30 Sweetle2.0% Grubgrub67.0%
Sage Hatchling Egg Sage Hatchling Egg 20 Hatch2.0% Sage Hatch67.0%
Gulp Fry Egg Gulp Fry Egg 5 Gulp Fish65.0% Tropical Pacu2.0% Pacu2.0%
Smooth Hatchling Egg Smooth Hatchling Egg 20 Stone Hatch2.0% Smooth Hatch67.0%
Hatchling Egg Hatchling Egg 20 Hatch98.0% Stone Hatch32.0% Smooth Hatch11.0% Sage Hatch33.0%
Fry Egg Fry Egg 5 Gulp Fish32.0% Tropical Pacu32.0% Pacu98.0%
Oak Pinch Roe Oak Pinch Roe 20 Pokeshell2.0% Sanishell2.0% Oakshelll65.0%
Tropical Fry Egg Tropical Fry Egg 5 Gulp Fish2.0% Tropical Pacu65.0% Pacu2.0%

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