Below is a table of all plant seeds in Oxygen Not Included. Click headers to sort the table and click images to see further details.

Name Plant Planet
Dusk Cap seed Dusk cap seed Dusk Cap
Bristle Blossom seed Bristle blossom seed Bristle Blossom Terrestrial Planet
Gas Grass seed Gas grass seed Gas Grass Organic Mass
Dasha Saltvine seed Dasha saltvine seed Dasha Saltvine Salty Dwarf
Waterweed seed Waterweed seed Waterweed
Balm Lily seed Balm lily seed Balm Lily
Pincha Pepperplant seed Pincha pepperplant seed Pincha Pepperplant
Thimble Reed seed Thimble reed seed Thimble Reed
Sleet Wheat Grain Sleet wheat seed Sleet Wheat Interstellar Ice
Mealwood seed Mealwood seed Mealwood
Hexalent Fruit Hexalent seed Hexalent
Muckroot Buried muckroot seed Buried Muckroot
Nosh Bean Nosh sprout seed Nosh Sprout
Oxyfern seed Oxyfern seed Oxyfern
Mirth Leaf seed Mirth leaf seed Mirth Leaf
Arbor Tree seed Arbor tree seed Arbor Tree Living Planet
Bluff Briar seed Bluff briar seed Bluff Briar
Jumping Joya seed Jumping joya seed Jumping Joya
Sporechid seed Sporechid seed Sporechid
Buddy Bud seed Buddy bud seed Buddy Bud
Wheezewort seed Wheezewort seed Wheezewort Interstellar Ice

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